I’ve changed over the past three years. For much of it, I was struggling to recover from a very bleak depressive episode. That’s what this blog was about. I shared with you much of that journey. However, it was becoming apparent to me that the blog was changing. Which made sense. After all, the blog is a reflection of me and if I changed, so to should my blog.

Image by XtianDuGard

This led to a pause in new posts as I revisited my blog to better understand its direction. But it wasn’t until a conversation I had a few days ago that I came to understand what the new direction was. Whereas my blog was formerly a journey of recovery, it’s now about maintaining that recovery.

This purpose has certainly been apparent in my last few posts where I’ve discussed my Self-Care Plan and my CALMtainers, both real and virtual. The first is all about a step by step plan to prevent or minimize relapse while the second and third are about the specific tools used to accomplish this.

That’s what the next group of posts will be about, maintaining recovery. Thereafter, I will publish a series of informative posts better explaining Major Depressive Disorder, treatment options, and more.  I hope you enjoy them.