On Comments

This blog is first and foremost for myself and my son. This means that he’ll read both my posts and all comments.

It’s extremely important to both of us to track my recovery, and explore the tools that make that recovery possible. Part of this recovery is my being more open with my son and others. For too long, I kept quiet and this led, inevitably, to disaster. My son needs to see that my recovery is ongoing.

I’ve been helped by so many. Much of this help was self-directed research on the internet. The stories shared by many have helped me to better face and pursue my own recovery. It’s only proper that I share what I’ve learned so that another may be helped.

For these reasons, I moderate comments. Comments that

• are obvious spam
• contain links to “spam sites”
• are laden with profanity
• make it clear the post has not been read
• are bot comments (also considered spam)
• contain affiliate links
• contain hate speech
• contain potentially libelous statements

will not be published.

I ask that you please consider and respect these remarks when posting your comments. Thank you.