Sharing Is Caring

When I share about my mental health I show that I care. I care about myself and I care about you. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that when I share, I care mostly about you. I care about your struggle, I care about your health, I care about your recovery. I care, even though we haven’t met.

Image by ErikaWittlieb

I don’t have to know you to know what it’s like to live within The Black. I’ve been there. I’m still there at times. And while my experience may not be exactly like yours, I remember the loneliness within that despair. No-one should be that alone, that lost. Know that I’ve shared that experience, that I understand and that I care.

I care enough to write about my experience in the small hope that in it you may find a light, the light of your own hope. There are other voices out there that do the same. Listen to those voices. They care.

Sometimes to see a way out we need to be shown a path. My writing is my path. You can follow my path or create your own. Just remember, there is a way out of the dark. It’s in you to find it. I have faith in you.

My recovery hasn’t been smooth. There have been many setbacks, many false turns and I’ve shared them with you. You deserve to know that recovery is very hard, probably the hardest job you’ll ever undertake. Like any job, it requires loyalty and commitment. But it’s worth all the effort.

If you’re like me, you likely feel undeserving of the opportunity, unworthy of it. Know that this is the big lie of Major Depressive Disorder. Know that you, and I, are worthy.

MDD erodes our self esteem. It nibbles at it, using our worst fears about ourselves, our every doubt, to undermine us. It leaves us empty, without direction, without worth, without hope.

Know that this is also a lie. The truth is MDD is less than you. No matter how big it seems, how all-enveloping it may appear to be, it’s contained entirely within you. You’re more than it. More worthy. Certainly more important.

Consider that. MDD is within you. It’s within your mind. Your mind is within you. Thus, by extension, MDD is less than you. Knowing this, and by learning the proper tools, you can become its master. I‘m still learning this.

I tell you these things because I care. There’s a way out of the dark. You don’t have to face it alone. I’m here to share with you. Others do the same. Hear our voices, see our words, and join us. We care. I care. And you’re worth it.


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