On Two Paintings

I wish to share with you two paintings. They reflect my mood at different stages of my recovery.

The first is based on a Twitter meme, one of the many anthropomorphizations of Major Depressive Disorder that appear on that platform. Unlike many of the depictions, this one stayed with me. It haunted me, tormented me. It was only when I painted it, in the way that I saw it, that I was able to let it go.

The most significant change I made to the original image (and my thanks go to enkei87 who so inspired me) was to add more black. The creature I see is darker than that in the meme, both born of The Black and the creator of it. The creature I see is surrounded by darkness. It is The Black and The Black grows to suffocate. The claws will capture the lost one and The Black will stifle all.

The Black by John D (inspired by enkei87)

Contrast The Black with A Burst of Colour. While The Black has a menacing stillness to it, A Burst of Colour is filled with movement. It has life and vitality. It’s uplifting. It’s distant from the person who was lost in The Black. The person of A Burst of Colour is alive, filled with hope and possibility.

A Burst of Colour by John D

In many ways, these paintings depict the old me and the new. While The Black continues to make its presence known, my life is more filled with A Burst of Colour.


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