My Custom Header

My header is disturbing. It’s a morphing of three faces into one, with one element being joy, another being despair and the third being anger. It’s based on a classic representation found in traditional masks. The original artwork can be found here: Three Face by Stock7000.

The header also hearkens back to the very first image used on my initial blogging effort. Here’s the image I used then:


Unknown Artist



I deliberately chose the three-faced image because it very nicely fit into the name of my blog, The 3 of ME.

More importantly, though, I chose it because it was potentially as disturbing as the subject of the blog. I try to select images that will elicit interest and provoke a response just as I try to write posts that I hope accomplish the same ends.

Finally, the ends of the three-faced mask are joy and despair. For so long, I only experienced despair. Now I experience joy and all of the emotions that are between the two. To my mind, the three-faced image, disturbing as it may seem, captures this new reality. If nothing else, it recognizes that I can experience the full gamut of emotion, and that is an element of my recovery.


Speak Out About Mental Health

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