The 3 of ME 2.0

Welcome. This is the first post in a re-launched The 3 of ME. My initial efforts can be found at The Three of Me.

Unknown Artist

That blog, like this, is a recent creation so why am I re-launching so soon? Simply, while I enjoyed creating that blog, I found that its direction had become muddled. Even though my writing captured my thinking on the given day, some posts just didn’t fit with other posts. So I took a break and considered how to proceed.

My solution was to divide my effort into two blogs that I hope will complement each other. The first, this blog, will explore my experiences with Major Depressive Disorder and detail my ongoing recovery. The second, jots and thoughts, will explore the power of gratitude and how that has enhanced my recovery (feel free to surf to my sister site and allow moments of gratitude to improve your day).

Here, I’ll begin by exploring what Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) really is. I’ll show you that it isn’t just about moodiness or sadness but is far more serious than that. I’ll explore the statistics, the definition of the Disorder as it appears in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (the DSM), give you both a professional and a layman’s interpretation of that definition and so much more.

I’ll also share with you precisely how MDD affected me.

Much of the content explored initially will be stark and disturbing. My most recent episode of MDD was that and more. But all of the content will inform and educate. Ultimately, it will also share my route out of The Black, my upward spiral, my return to better mental health.

For those familiar with my earlier blog, please be patient because some of my posts there will be revisited here. Rest assured, new content is coming. Know that I’m looking forward to renewing my communication with you. Know also that I’m also looking forward to sharing my story, and the many lessons I learned, with new readers.

Finally, please remember that my goals are twofold: (1) to speak out about mental illness and educate others to help reduce and remove the stigma we face; and (2) to reach out to whoever is in need and show that person that there is hope, that there is a way out of The Black. I hope you will join me in fulfilling these goals by sharing your stories of escaping The Black.


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